Warrior Motel
Bryson City, North Carolina
submitted by “wendyvee”

I snagged the Warrior Motel sign after visiting Maggie Valley and Cherokee, North Carolina.

The motel, and its famous “water garden”, (tongue planted firmly in cheek) were pretty run-down and no longer appeared to be open. Even in the daytime, the parking lot had a weird abandoned feel to it.

Great sign . . . and a great reminder of the automobile tourism frenzy of days gone by.


6 thoughts on “Warrior Motel Sign

  1. Spent summers in a house above the Warrior in the 1960s. Would sneak in and swim in the pool with friends almost every day. Great sign but yes the whole area is now dead.

  2. My family stayed at the Warrior twice, in the Summers of 1957 and 1959. It was a great motel, owned by the Armitage family. Behind the pool and restaurant was a small racetrack. It was used for turtle races (tortoise races, actually). Across the road was a pony ride much like you find at a traveling carnival or petting zoo. The ponies were harnessed in a carousel type rig. There was also a trail ride that went up the hill across the road and around a circuit. At this time the town of Cherokee didn’t amount to much. No casinos, etc. The local Native Americans ran a few small shops, selling curios, rubber tomahawks etc. TheWarrior was probably the biggest attraction at that time. We have home movies of the place in the ’50’s, lots of the pool and other attractions, and of the Armitage family.

  3. Great memories of the warrior motel,we would stay there in the 60’s for a couple days before going to Gatlinburg on family vacations from Florida! Anyone remember Wayne McMillan? He was Cherokee, used to stand out in front of the office and take pictures with tourists! Really nice guy!

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