Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile
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“wendyvee” and “Kamikaze” (Steve)


I can’t recall how long I have been trying to see the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile in person … but it’s been a looooooonnnnng time!

Finally, back in March, the stars aligned and my wish came true! I had just enough time, when I found out that it was making a stop in Spring Grove, to leave work and make it there in time to conquer one of the longest-standing entries on my ridiculously long “to-do” list. Coincidentally enough, my friend Steve spotted the west coast version on the very same day!  (see Steve’s photo later in the post)

 Here he is in all his glory. Like a ship, I suppose that I should refer to the Wienermobile as a “she”; but, you know, Freud and all.

Let’s get a good look inside my personal Holy Grail of iconic adver-mobiles.

Even though it looks as if we’re about to take off on a Wienermoblie 747 (and if Oscar Mayer doesn’t already have one those … they should); this is actually one of the back passenger seats for the Hotdogger crew members.

A look at the cockpit.

Way-cool mustard splatter art & secret storage compartments.

Is this a random picture that I took of the sky that day? Nope. It’s the ceiling of the Wienermobile!

Our star is 11 feet high, 27 feet long, 8 feet wide, and weighs in at 14,050 lbs.

They brought along a display of Wienermobiles through time. I totally want to drive that 2008 “Mini”. Has anyone spotted the Oscar Mayer food truck in the wild? That looks great too!

Steve, (a frequent contributor and awesome person, indeed) encountered another of the Wienermobiles on the very same day that I found mine. Wienermobile Inception!

My buddy FuzzyGalore perhaps said it best when she encountered the Wienermobile:
The Wienermobiles were handcrafted by Icelandic unicorns. Before the unicorns sent the giant rolling wieners out into the world to bring joy to the masses, they infused them with baby otter farts and cookie dust to give them a little extra sparkle. True story.


–   Follow life inside the Wienermobile