The Wilson Laminate House

Ralph & Sunny Wilson House
1714 South 61st Street
Temple, Texas
submitted by: Bill Miller


Bill: In the small city of Temple, Texas, lived Ralph Wilson, the founder of Wilsonart – a company that produces laminate materials similar to Formica. Mr. Wilson decided to make his late 1950s home both a showplace and test lab for his company’s products, so he basically decorated the entire interior of his home with laminates.

The home is now owned by the Wilsonart Company and can be visited if you make prior arrangements through the Wilsonsart website. We visited in July 2006 and I took pictures.  It looks completely normal on the outside!

Wendy: Wow, thanks Bill! This is a Mid-Century Modern dream come true!
See links below for more history and information about the Wilson Laminate House.

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4 thoughts on “The Wilson Laminate House

  1. Wow. This place is pretty amazing. Part of it’s a time capsule, part of it is beyond groovy and, let’s be honest here, part of it is really, really ugly. (Just say no to pink bathrooms.) Cool find!

    1. It’s a time capsule for sure 🙂
      I’m not so crazy about the color scheme either, but it would be criminal to change anything. It’s fortunate that Mr. Wilson’s company retained ownership so that it remains as he envisioned it.

      1. I agree. It should be kept “as if” for posterity / history. Maybe the could make it even more accessible, perhaps opening it up for 10 or 12 weekends per year, charging a small fee to pay for staff, etc. It’s quite the Wonder!

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