World’s Tallest Thermometer *updated

Huge Thermometer
Baker, California
submitted by “BooinLA”
“Kamikaze” and “Butterfly” (Steve & Amanda)

wendyvee says:
An update: Amanda & Steve share a Death Valley Thermometer stop during their recent trip. Don’t miss Boo’s original submission below.

 Plus, click here for a  BONUS pic (Steve demonstrates how to take care of your annual physical RoadsideWonders-Style!)


Boo says:

The World’s Tallest Thermometer in Baker CA is 134 feet tall (in honor of the highest ever recorded temperature in the United States, 134° in nearby Death Valley, CA — recorded in 1913.)

No word on if the record is ever broken, they’ll tear this one down and build a taller one 😉

I passed through Baker on my way to Las Vegas on May 19 2006, at about 1:30 pm. The thermometer said that the temp had reached the predicted high for the day, 108°. This is not unusual at all for Baker, where in high summer the temps regularly exceed 115°.

It’s brutal on a motorcycle and all I can say is, thank god for mesh!

See the thermometer from the air!

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