Dutch Haven Shoofly Pie Bakery

Dutch Haven
2857 East Lincoln Highway

Ronks, Pennsylvania


If I recall correctly, I used to beg my parents to stop here on our way to Ocean City when I was little. So I’m in the region — I have to stop, right? I suppose that some childhood wishes are best left unfulfilled. Yet it did have an authentic old-school sense of tacky fun.

Allegedly, it’s the home of “America’s Best Shoofly Pie” (there’s an oxymoron in there somewhere . . . shoofly is just plain yucky!)

Form your own opinion . . . order their shoofly pie by mail : )

img_0231 img_0234

2 thoughts on “Dutch Haven Shoofly Pie Bakery

  1. Again Wendy, learn your fact’s “Shoo Fly “was a southern expression that the slave cooks used while the super sweet pie was cooling.

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