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Welcome To RoadsideWonders!

I’ve had a fascination with odd, weird, colorful, and tacky roadside finds since childhood. I used to stare wistfully through the backseat window at every oddly-shaped ice cream joint, tacky neon sign, absurd cement statue, or junky “tourist trap” (as my grandfather labeled them)  on every car trip or vacation that I took with my parents or grandparents.

I wanted to stop at EVERY one.  We didn’t . . . and I always took it personally. Of course, had I been humored, a cross-country trip may have taken years instead of days : )

Obviously, my appreciation for crazy eyesores, giant advertising, and tourist enticements has never diminished. So, in 2005, I started a personal website to share pictures of the crazy things that I found while on motorcycle trips. Soon, a lot of my friends started sharing their photos with me, which led to a great collection.

In March of 2009, I put the first site to rest and created RoadsideWonders. With new search tools and the addition of article tags, I think it’s a richer experience and I look forward to adding even more “wonders” for us all to marvel at . . . or to shake our heads in disbelief over.



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