The Cabazon Dinosaurs
50770 Seminole Drive (off Hwy 10)
Cabazon, California
submitted by “BooinLA”


Boo says:
For Your Roadside Viewing Pleasure: The Cabazon Dinosaurs, as seen in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure!

Actually the dinos predate Pee Wee by a WHOLE bunch of years. I remember the big brontosaurus (named Dinny) from early childhood family treks to Palm Springs.

Spotting the dinosaur in the middle of absolutely NOWHERE was a very exciting event. I even have a vague recollection of the steel-wire frame before it was covered in its concrete skin, which is probably the right timeframe: construction was started in 1964 and went on for eleven years. Now the beasts sit in the middle of a cluster of six or eight buildings, and they’re just a few miles down the road from a major casino. Not quite as remote as they used to be. The second dinosaur, the Rex, was added in the early 80s.


Mo, Boo, and Jen Strike a Pose!

>   The Cabazon Dinos at Wikipedia (with history)

>   Cabazon Dinosaurs official site
(the dinosaurs are now part of a “Creationist Museum” if you’re into that sort of thing)


4 thoughts on “The Cabazon Dinosaurs

    1. Yep, I alluded to that in the links … if I had done it in the body of the entry I wouldn’t have been able to keep the snide tone out of my writing 🙂

  1. I remember these roadside dino’s, the “brontosaurus”, (which never really existed!), was the mascot for a gas/petrol brand, and there were more of those around. Those were the days, you could take your kids out to a place with this sorta fun stuff and probably did it for the price of a few hot-dogs! There was also a stegasaur, and a tricerotops with the two above. Wonder where they ended up? (Probably in Michael Jackson’s back yard!) tee hee

    Thanks for sharing…..

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