Campus Theatre
413 Market Street
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania


Another gem from my backlog of “temporarily lost” wonders! The oh-so-beautiful vintage loveliness that is the Campus Theatre in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

This was a rare sunny moment on the day that I attempted to attend the Wings Over Piper event at the William T. Piper Airport in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. That event was rained-out when I arrived. That’s awfully inconvenient when one is traveling via motorcycle –  I can’t remember how many car washes, underpasses, and bank ATM lanes that I hid under that day; but I remember it being quite a few.

One of the few times that the skies cleared was when I was passing through Lewisburg on the way home. I stopped at the Campus Theatre because I had spotted it before and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to snag a few photos. If it had been a nicer day, I would have killed some time to take in the 5 pm showing of Moonrise Kingdom (it still remains one of my favorite flicks)

According to Cinema Treasures, The Campus opened in 1941 with 717 seats and the movie “Love Thy Neighbor” starring Jack Benny and Fred Allen. Prices of 10/15 cents for children, 25/35 cents for adults, plus 3 cents for defense tax.

The theater is jointly operated by the non-profit Campus Theatre, Ltd in partnership with Bucknell University. Click here to visit The Campus website

Want to see what it looks like inside? Take their 360 Tour!

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  1. What a beauty of a theater! I think an even *better* book idea than the one I hear is being bandied about would be for some intrepid souls to travel across PA to write “A Hot Dog and a Movie: The Best of Small Town Pennsylvania.”

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