Giant Carpet Man
Traynor’s Floors & Carpets
467 Baltimore Boulevard
Westminster, Maryland
submitted by “wendyvee”

A few weeks ago, I met some friends in Westminster, Maryland for lunch. On my way home I stopped and snagged a handful of “wonders”. Some of those stops were planned (like this one to see “Roland A. Remnant” — the Giant Carpet Man) while others were purely by accident (like the Peep Show).

Roland has had several different color schemes over the years. These days, he’s sporting a blueish-green complexion that makes him look like an extra from the original Star Trek series. This hardworking guy is actually best viewed from the other side of the divided highway; but there isn’t a good place to pull over on that side … so you’re getting the view from the parking lot of the strip mall where he reigns supreme.

If you noticed that my pictures are fairly gloomy and foggy-looking; it’s because it was POURING rain and very windy that day. Later on, when I was headed back north, I had to take a detour due to downed trees. The Silver Lining: the detour took me past The Distelfink Drive-In (see photos from a previous visit here). I’ve been to The Distelfink half a dozen times, but I had never been there when the neon was in operation!

Neither wind, nor rain, nor sleet will deter me from snagging a “roadside wonder” ….

1 thought on “Roland A. Remnant

  1. Roland kind of looks like he’s the Jolly Green Giant’s cousin twice removed.

    cute vid 🙂
    You’ve got dedication! That looked seriously soggy.

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