Chief Woapalawnee
(at his former location)
Brandon Park
Williamsport, Pennsylvaniaa

I visited Chief Woapalawnee a few years ago but I didn’t post about it immediately and he got lost in the shuffle. In the intervening time, the Chief was removed from his longtime location in Williamsport’s Brandon Park due to severe rot.

Moto-blogger extraordinaire FuzzyGalore recently featured the new location of this wonderfully massive carved statue and I thought that I’d share some “before” shots.

To Give Dignity To Man Is Above All Things

If you would like to see the Woapalanee’s “make-over” and learn where you can spot him, click the images below to learn more from FuzzyGalore!
(rhyming was completely unintentional but I’m just going to leave it there because a little corny rhyming never hurt anyone)

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