Giant Frog
Route 280
Harpersville, Alabama
submitted by “Road Runner” (Bill)


Bill says:
I was traveling along Rte 280 in Alabama and this caught my eye. It is a large Copper Frog (roughly 15’ tall). It was in front of a small shop called “The Copper Frog” in Harpersville, Alabama. It was early in the morning, so I was not able to get any more info (the shop was closed)

wendyvee says:
 I had a hard time trying to track down more information about the shop and the statue; but I came up empty too! If anyone has the 411 on this shop; please feel free to comment below.

8 thoughts on “The Copper Frog

  1. They get all of their product handmade and imported from Mexico. That is where the frog was made too. He has alot of awesome pieces and extremely cheap prices.

    1. I have been by several times but I have not found it open. What days are they open?? I live over 300 milles away but want some of the pots. I will be that way this weekend. Thanks for any infomation.

      1. Kandy –
        Bill submitted that picture and he didn’t have any additional info. I Googled the shop at the time that I posted this — and couldn’t find anything.

        Sorry that I couldn’t help you!

  2. I have stopped there several times and they are NEVER open! They are not listed in any phone directory as well. What are they doing there, if they are not going to be open????????

  3. Phone # for the Copper Frog is 205-243-4905 or 205-370-05202
    Owners are John & Anna Rossman

    Give them a call. Ms Rossman will come and open the shop if they happened to be closed.
    Have shopped & bought & very pleased.

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