Cool Camper/Caravan
Mount Somers, South Island
Canterbury, New Zealand
submitted by: Bob Goddard

Bob says:
Here we are in New Zealand again, with a Kiwi version of a campervan/motorhome! This was spotted in Mount Somers in the South Island, during our ‘Land Of The Long Wild Road’ trip.

Our hearts go out to all those in nearby Christchurch where they are dealing with a deadly earthquake.

wendyvee says:
Now that is evidence of someone who can look at a truck and some building materials and say, “Why not?”. Love the windows!

My heart goes out to the people of Christchurch too. If you can, please visit the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal to help.

Make sure to visit Bob and his wife Viv (“Middle-aged grandparents with itchy feet and a sense of humour”at their website. Enjoy great videos about their their motorcycle adventures in New Zealand & Eastern Europe. Can’t get enough? Bob has written two books about their trips to satisfy your curiosity

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