Hug Your Local Drive-In Theater

Cumberland Drive-In Theater
715 Centerville Road (just off I-81)
Newville, Pennsylvania
submitted by: “wendyvee”


The Cumberland Drive-In (a gem of a roadside wonder operating since 1952), was one of my stops on a nice leisurely ride around the Carlisle, Pennsylvania area a few weeks ago. I lived within a few miles of The Cumberland in the early 90s and we often took in a weekend double-feature.

Notice the barn on the left side of the marquee photo? One of the best things about the Cumberland Drive-In is its rural location. A near total absense of urban/suburban light & noise pollution really adds to the clarity of the movie watching experience. Worried about your car’s battery? No problem … they offer “rental” radios for just a few bucks; or bring your vintage boombox from the 80s 🙂

I have always enjoyed drive-ins; but in the past week they have been top-of-mind for me. The iconic Admiral Drive-In (located in Tulsa, Oklahoma) was sadly destroyed by fire last Friday. Drive-Ins have enough battles to fight: encroaching housing/retail development, a seasonal business model (in most climates), high operating costs, competition from other forms of entertainment … without adding fires and natural disasters to the mix!

So, if you love drive-in movies (or if you’ve never been to one) …. take some time before summer is over to catch a drive-in flick. Take your friends. Take your kids. The theater you neglect to visit today might be gone tomorrow.

Do you have a favorite drive-in theater? If you could pick one movie to screen at the drive-in …. what would it be? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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