Dignity Sculpture

Dignity Sculpture
Lewis & Clark Interstate Welcome Center
I-90 Exit 264
Chamberlain, South Dakota
submitted by: “Jo,eh



Jo,eh has shared so many great “wonders” with me over the years and this one made me want to hop on by bike and ride straight to it! I can’t right now; but this one is definitely added to my big “to-do” map!

This is the Dignity statue by Dale Lamphere along the Missouri River in Chamberlain, South Dakota. The statue was a gift from Norm and Eunabel McKie to the people of South Dakota. She’s a 50-foot-tall stainless steel beauty. Her official installation took place in September of 2016 and she honors the Lakota and Dakota indigenous people. Though taller and more majestic, she reminds me a bit of of the stainless steel Mary in New Castle, Delaware.

Jo really captured some fabulous images of her. See links at the end to learn more and don’t miss Scott Laurent’s drone footage embedded below!

According to TravelSouthDakota (link below) the 50-foot Native woman wears a dress patterned after a two-hide Native dress of the 1850s. She holds outstretched a quilt featuring 128 stainless steel blue diamond shapes designed to flutter in the wind. During the day, her star quilt – a representation of respect, honor and admiration in Native American culture – glitters in the sun with color-changing pieces that move with the wind. At night, LED lights cause the diamond shapes to glow in the night sky


YouTuber, Scott Laurent’s drone footage of Dignity … she looks great from any vantage-point.


Links of Interest:

–  TravelSouthDakota.Com “Dignity” page
–  Sculptor Dale Lamphere’s official site – includes photos during her creation
–  The South Dakota Sculpture Trail



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