Dunkle’s Gulf – A Deco Dream!

Dunkle’s Gulf Station
Route 30
Bedford, Pennsylvania


Several months ago, I stumbled upon PostMuse’s “Orphaned Postcard Project” and was immediately enamored of the idea.  She posts the  “orphans” on her blog as they return to her — and there are dozens and dozens of past posts to enjoy in her archive.

> Visit the Orphaned Postcard Project

So what is the “Orphaned Postcard Project”? Essentially, PostMuse has an extensive collection of unwritten postcards from various locations around the world. To give more interest to her collection, she created a database of her cards and she offers the opportunity for people who live in the postcard subject’s location (or have some sort of connection to it) to request the postcard. When it arrives, the recipient writes a message and sends it back to her. (Holy Run-On Sentence, Batman!) Visit her Project Page and her FAQ for details and better sentence construction 🙂


A Little “Columbus Day” Exploration

I requested two cards from PostMuse. The first was a Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex card. (See that post here). The other postcard was Dunkle’s Gulf Station in Bedford, Pennsylvania. I had a few “wonders” on my to-do list in the area, a day off, and perfect weather to check some Bedford area destinations off of the list!

Dunkle’s Gulf, an Art Deco style terra-cotta structure, opened in 1933 and they still offer gasoline and full-service repairs!

This was the first time that anyone else had ever filled the tank on my motorcycle for me. I think I made the poor kid nervous (I wasn’t trying to … I just know that you have to be very careful topping my tank off ).

Dunkle’s is in gorgeous shape. The tiles are like nothing else I’ve ever seen (although they remind me of the blocks that a lot of old dairy buildings sport) — and they have this smooth glass-like texture when you touch them!



Much like Columbus himself, I’m not the first person to “discover” Dunkle’s … check out some friends around the web who beat me to it!

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