Fulton Steamboat Inn
1 Hartman Bridge Road
Route 30

Ronks, Pennsylvania

Ahhh, a Steamboat right smack in the middle of Route 30 in Lancaster.


This is tacky . . . but it is what I refer to as “Tacky-Nouveau”. TN places are tacky, yet well-kept enough not to have the charm and panache of a “down-on-its-heels-but-has-a-heart-of-gold”  truly tacky establishment.
One cool feature is a gigantic koi pond that runs alongside the driveway. I almost wrecked my bike watching a gigantic carp attack a poor innocent duck as I coasted along.  It’s just one death-defying road away from the Lancaster “Outlets” (don’t even get me started on outlets). There is also a large TN miniature golf joint across the road.

If I recall correctly (and, no, I’m not going to go rent it to confirm) — I think you can see this intersection in the Harrison Ford movie Witness.



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