Haar’s Drive-In Theater
Siddonsburg Road (off Route 15)
Dillsburg, Pennsylvania


Though it’s still winter here in Pennsylvania, today we had a brief preview of the wind and slightly higher temperatures that promise spring is just around the corner! Drive-in movie season will soon be on the way as well! 🙂

Haar’s (pronounced “hairs”) has been bringing Hollywood to Northern York County since 1953. Three generations of the family have successfully managed the theater and adjacent auction house.

My most recent visit to Haar’s Drive-In was in October, just after the season ended.
Only three employees were on duty that day. This was my little “welcoming committee”.

Okay, so there were really four employees … Momma Cat came over to investigate while I was taking pictures and she was not happy that I was between her and her little ones.

The screen was newly re-painted last season … and it’s lookin’ fine!

Visit Haar’s online for more information and showtimes (during the open season)
Make it a point to visit your favorite drive-in theater this summer!

5 thoughts on “Haar’s Drive-In Theater

  1. Holy cow! I would have left with all the cats if I had come across that. We pretty much operate under No Cat Left Behind. I love this “highlight five old posts” challenge, by the way. Great stuff revisited!

    1. They have a fairly large auction building and some other outbuildings there so I think the momma cat is probably one of their “mousers”.

      I would have loved to bundle all the kittens up but I don’t think they would have enjoyed the ride home on my motorcycle 🙂 Plus, they all scattered as soon as I took that picture … very feral I suppose.

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