“Harvest Time in the 1920s” mural

“Harvest Time in the 1920s”
Schwanger Ave. & Cloverleaf Road
Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
– “wendyvee”

*reader John Bolen tells me that the barn as been repainted and the mural is gone

Harvest Time in the 1920s, painted by prolific and talented muralist Wayne Fettro, is just one of a handful of great murals in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. I am a big fan of Mr. Fettro’s work and I will have a few more examples to post over the next month or so. This particular mural pays tribute to the area’s agricultural heritage.

interesting sidenote:
  I took this photo last Friday and didn’t realise that the mural features a Frick traction engine until I was uploading the images this evening. Coincidentally, just 2 days ago, I posted the Frick Eclipse that Bill found in Georgia (which you can see here).

I am not certain, but the thresher (depicted behind the gentlemen standing with the dog on the right side of the mural) might also be a Frick. Before the introduction of chemical methods, there were many farms in the area that used Frick equipment for steaming their tobacco beds (steaming kills weeds and sterilizes the soil). Apparently it’s “Frick Week” here at RoadsideWonders! 🙂

If you go …
Though this barn is still part of a small working farm, it is entirely surrounded by housing developments and both roads at this intersection are very busy. Neither road has much of a shoulder area; so exercise caution when pulling over if you stop for a visit.

11 thoughts on ““Harvest Time in the 1920s” mural

  1. The Harvest mural was a favorite of mine. I hated to see it fade with the years and weather. But all that is gone. The barn it was on is now painted in a fresh coat of plain white paint. It’s like an old friend has died.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, John. That’s so sad. I haven’t been on that road in years; but it was a favorite of mine when I’m in the area. Disappointing that it’s gone.

  2. The barn was painted white to make way for a new mural. It really will be nice. It may not be as preferable for you as the original, but the owner is really doing a nice job of getting a mural done to replace the one that had faded.

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