Roadside America Museum – Hillsboro, Texas

Roadside America Museum
212 East Elm Street
Hillsboro, Texas
submitted by: Bill Miller


Bill: Mr. Carroll Estes bought the old Ford dealership in Hillsboro, Texas and now lives in it. He’s in the process of filling it with his collection of 40s and 50s memorabilia, classic cars, and nostalgia. It’s not open regularly (it’s his home, after all) but you can arrange a visit. The star attraction may be the actual metal coffin that the Big Bopper was buried in.

Wendyvee: Not to be confused with Pennsylvania’s Roadside America or the Roadside America Guide online, this is Carrol Estes’ wonderful collection of memorabilia. As Bill mentions above, the museum does not have regular hours. You can contact the museum at 972-291-2958 to confirm dates and times.

I love this blond “Big Boy”. If I recall correctly, only one of the Big Boy franchises, had the tow-headed version.

A rather remarkable piece in Estes’ museum is the casket that J.P. Richardson (“The Big Bopper”) was originally buried in. His body was exhumed in 2007 and the casket was on display at the Texas Musicians Museum for a brief time.

Meet Mr. Estes and see quite a bit of the interior of Roadside America in this video from Texas County Reporter.

The Day The Music Died

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