Houston Art Car Parade

Houston Art Cars
2018 Parade
submitted by Bill Miller


Regular contributor and all-around fantastic guy, Bill Miller, recently shared some great photos of the Houston Art Car parade! This parade and the similar event in Baltimore have been on my “to-do” list for a long time!

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From Bill:
This year was the 31st anniversary of the Houston Art Car Parade. It’s my favorite Houston event. I can’t can’t say that I’ve been to all thirty, but I have been to a majority of them.

We usually like to go a few hours before the parade actually starts and walk the line looking at and photographing the cars.  One of the fun parts is talking to the artists as they prep their cars.  It’s also fun to watch the parade itself when all the animated parts of the cars are in motion!

It’s also fun to talk to the spectators. My tradition is that I always wear my STOP PLATE TECTONICS shirt (I have to carefully remove it from storage now after all these decades) and I always get into fun conversations since there are lots of geologists working in the energy field in Houston.

There are commercial cars entered as advertising by businesses, people with an axe to grind (anti-anti-smoking activists, political statements etc), and just people who do it for the heck of it.  The latter category is my favorite.

There’s even an Art Car beer from a local craft brewery!

Thanks so much, Bill! I LOVE all of them!


Regular RoadsideWonders readers may recognize this beauty. I had the opportunity to see it in Quakertown a few years ago!


Darth Vader makes a rare appearance in casual footwear 🙂

The Houston Art Car Parade takes place in downtown Houston each April. See links below for more information!

Links of Interest:

Official site of the Houston Art Car Parade

Baltimore Art Car Parade (on my to-do list)

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  1. They are all great. I think I like the Giant Rooster best. Plus, it reminds me of your Giant Chicken Apocalypse warnings ha, ha

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