Harry Nelson High Striker
The Old Sled Works
722 North Market Street
Duncannon, Pennsylvania
submitted by: wendyvee

I love Coney Island and just about everything about it; but I rarely get to contribute anything in connection with it. I thought it was pretty cool when I saw this beauty up close and personal last Saturday 🙂

There is a (not so) little piece of Coney Island craftsmanship several hundred miles east in the little town of Duncannon, Pennsylvania. The arcade at the Old Sled Works is home to a high striker built by Coney Island entrepreneur and novelty manufacturer, Harry Nelson.

Form more information about Harry Nelson (who passed away in 1967), check out his obituary in the Old Sled Works photostream.

Apparently, Mr. Nelson traveled around the country with these during Coney’s off-season … it’s fun to imagine all of the places it might have been. Or, if it wasn’t one of his traveling high strikers, then perhaps it lived in a Pennsylvania amusement park years ago? I wonder how many young men tried to impress girls (or more likely each other) with this particular model. Incidentally, I Google Mapped the address painted on the high striker – it appears to be an empty lot near a homemade “Zia Dora” sign on West 15th.

Tarzan stronger than Hercules? You decide 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Harry Nelson High Striker

  1. Whata find! I love the look of this Made in Coney High Striker. They definitely don’t make ’em like that anymore. When I worked the game, it was one of those fancy automated machines. I still had to call the people in though!

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