Slightly Bizarre Tribute to Exorcist Actor

Jason Miller Bust
Piazza dell’Arte
Courthouse Square
Scranton, Pennsylvania
submitted by: “wendyvee”

wendyvee says:
The Jason Miller bust wasn’t on my list of things to snag for the site when I visited Scranton last month. In fact, I stumbled upon it quite by accident while taking some photos of Scranton’s gorgeous courthouse. What a unique find it is!

Jason Miller (1939 – 2001) was an Academy Award nominated actor, director, and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright (That Championship Season). He is perhaps best known for his role as Father Karras in the 1973 film The Exorcist. Mr. Miller’s list of credits at IMDB.

Miller lived in Scranton and was a well-loved supporter of the arts there. He was once the son-in-law of Jackie Gleason and he was the father of actor Jason Patric.

The bust was sculpted by actor Paul Sorvino as a tribute to his longtime friend. A portion of Miller’s ashes are sealed within the sculpture. Videos of the day of the ceremony are embedded below.

The quote on the base:
“I could not be prouder of my roots. In coming home I have discovered who you are. You are survival with grace … stuggle with dignity…pride with compassion and hope and laughter. You are my people.”   – Jason Miller August 1, 1982

2008 Bust Dedication Ceremony Videos:


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