Jefferson Davis Obelisk *updated

Jefferson Davis Historic Site
East of Hopkinsville (US68)
Todd County, Kentucky
submitted by “SkyKing96” (Ray)


A cell tower ... can you believe it?


update 6/08/10:
(refers to smaller picture at left)
Ray says:
When I first saw this one last year, near Jackson, Mississippi, it was just a little over a week since my encounter with the Jefferson Davis monument in Kentucky. I assumed at the time that it was just a replica of the one in Kentucky. I passed through Jackson again a few days ago, and I left Interstate 55 to try and get close to it. No luck. I visited with my cousin Bill and his mother, my Aunt Joy, the next day, but forgot to ask them about it. So…I just Googled it. It’s a cell phone tower!! I could not find any information about the height, but it looms pretty large from a distance, so I am guessing it’s between 120 and 150 feet. 

original post (larger picture below):
Ray says:

I had quite a surprise … no, shock …while riding eastbound on US68 in Kentucky. I had just come over a low hill and was focused on my GPS, or the list of GPS coordinates on my tank bag, and did not see the monument at first. When I glanced to the right I could not have been more surprised if I had seen an alien spacecraft landing! Something about the late-afternoon light made it look more like a computer simulation than a real monument.  

Imagine seeing this thing “pop up” out in a rural farm area! That is what makes it a roadside wonder, I think. 

The next intersection was the road that leads directly to it, so I turned into the town of Fairview to get a closer look. It was not until I saw the sign that I realized it was the Jeff Davis monument and not a replica of George’s. I had heard of it, and perhaps had seen a picture, but had forgotten about it. I had no idea it was so huge — 351 ft tall (the Washington Monument is 555 ft). A little over a week later I saw a smaller version near Jackson, Mississippi. 

wendyvee says:
Don’t you just love an unplanned find!?  

Click here for more information on the Jefferson Davis Memorial (Yes, you can ride an elevator to the top for a spectacular view!) 

Visit Jefferson Davis’ wikipedia entry to shed a little light on the Confederate President’s life. 

Jeff Davis Monument3 

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