Kuppy’s Diner Cruise-In Car Show

Kuppy’s Diner Cruise-In Car Show
Brown and surrounding streets
Middletown, Pennsylvania

Last Thursday, I hopped on my scoot to take in Kuppy’s Annual Cruise-In Car Show, which benefits Penn State’s Four Diamonds Fund. When I arrived, I noticed that some of the cars were packing up and leaving. I knew we had a chance of thunderstorms … little did I know that the Harrisburg area was about to be hit with a walloping storm that would lead me to hide in a local car wash bay with my bike for several hours that night!

While I was perusing the remaining cars I was blissfully unaware of impending doom; but I did get to see some really rad rides!

Kuppy’s has the coolest interior and some of the best food around. I promise to do a separate post about them soon. The last few times that I’ve been there it was crowded (a good thing!) so I felt weird about taking pictures inside.

What’s your favorite classic dream car? Tell us in the comments below!

This Studebaker Avanti was my favorite of the night. Not only a slick car, but the logo has the coolest font ever! (click any image to enlarge)

I really wanted jump in this one and pretend that it was Farrah Fawcett’s car from Charlie’s Angels. I’m guessing that the owner – and local law enforcement – would have taken issue with that 🙂 (Yes, before you say it, I realise this isn’t the same model)

Hands-Down … the sexiest car in Middletown that night 🙂

Everyone knows that aqua & red go faster!

El Camino – the gangsta’ of utility truck/car combos

Whatta’ you know? This is my car exactly! Well, if one defines ‘exactly’ as minus the cool aftermarket goodies. (Mine is currently only sporting a layer of pollen)

Ship Ahoy!

The Rat Rods

Though Stephen King’s Christine was a Plymouth … this Chevy made me think of her! 

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5 thoughts on “Kuppy’s Diner Cruise-In Car Show

  1. Wow, I’m not even that into cars but these are awesome. I’ll take the Avanti, being from South Bend, home of the Studebaker. I only wish I had known Studis were cool when I was young.

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