Television Repair Shop

Milbee Radio & TV
100 Winnemore Alley
Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

Here is something that you don’t see very often anymore … an honest-to-goodness television repair shop that’s still in business! I initially found Milbee’s when I made a wrong turn after visiting the Elizabethtown Moose marquee last winter.

I decided to stop by and visit again while I was out cruising around in the Elizabethtown area last Friday. Unfortunately, I didn’t arrive at the right time to visit with the proprietor.

Television has come a long way, baby …
though it must have once been thrilling to get your hands on a console with a Zenith Handcrafted Chassis and a SPACE COMMAND tuner!

5 thoughts on “Television Repair Shop

  1. Imagine all the great history they have in their filing cabinets and desk drawers at this place! …. Of course, we have a TV repair place like this right here in York — on Roosevelt Avenue. That place looks like it hasn’t changed since 1960!

    1. I know! You would probably have an “ephemera-leptic fit” if this shop has has much as I suspect it would 🙂

      I think there is a tv repair place in Dover too. Modern-looking though … and not as mysterious.

  2. Sometimes, places like this are still the best or most reliable place to bring in your old TV sets. It is actually pretty sad that they might be going extinct because of all those large electronic chain stores popping out like mushrooms.

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