Mr B’s BBQ
14767 Lord Fairfax Hwy (Rte 340)
White Post, Virginia
submitted by: “MikeP”

Mike says:
I found this one in White Post, Virginia — right around the corner from the Dinosaur Land tourist trap! I almost missed it… it’s a rather small unassuming building, perhaps an old gas station at one point. Really cool though. When you walk in, you get the same feel as if you walked into a very old country store.

There is no indoor seating, but there are picnic tables outside. They don’t take credit cards, but they do take cash. The BBQ was very good. They’ll get a few return visits from me. 🙂

wendyvee says:
Another cool BBQ joint suggestion from MikeP. I love the little pig statue !

Yummmmm. I really shouldn’t be thinking of barbeque this late at night — my tummy is rumbling!

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