pickle4Dillsburg’s New Year’s Eve “Mrs. Pickle Drop” for Kids
2011/2012 Edition
Citizens Hose Fire Company
Dillsburg, Pennsylvania


I’d like to start the New Year by making a resolution to catch up on posts. So, let’s travel back in time to New Years Eve 2011/2012 and the first of two “drops” that I attended that night!

The small town of Dillsburg, Pennsylvania (in Northern York County) has been dropping a giant “Mr. Pickle” on New Year’s Eve since 1993. “Miss Pickle” came along in about 10 years ago to promote a Dillsburg-area 5K. Eventually, Mr. Pickle and Miss Pickle married during an event at the town’s annual PickleFest (held each May). Mr. Pickle even had a bachelor party!

The newlywed Mrs. Pickle now mirrors her husband’s duties as a New Year’s Eve mascot. She “drops” at an indoor event aimed at children & their families that occurs at 7:00 pm inside the fire company’s community hall — giving kids their own special NYE event.

One of the most popular items in Dillsburg on New Year’s Eve is pickle soup. I don’t like pickles to begin with; so I couldn’t bring myself to try any of this concoction made with pickles, dill weed, butter, carrots, onions, garlic, and pork. I suppose if someone had been with me to dare me into trying it I might have summoned up the gumption.


This was my first glimpse of Mrs. Pickle.
Girlfriend, you need a pair of Louboutins STAT!


This is the only event that I’ve ever attended that had more little photographers than grown-up photographers!


Are you ready for Mrs. Pickle’s Big Reveal?? Press play 🙂

Post-Drop Photo-Op for Mrs. Pickle & Baby Gherkin



So ended my first “drop” of the night for NYE 2011/2012 …. and off I traveled to Duncannon, Pennsylvania to watch another drop at midnight!

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  1. My family lives in Dillsburg and have attended the Family Pickle Drop. It is truly a great community event for families. Thank you for the article!

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