Norma Jean Still Has It

marilyn2Marilyn Monroe Mural
Phoenix, Arizona
submitted by “MacCandace” (Candace)

originally posted August 26, 2009


* Tip: Sorry folks – Candace tells me that Marilyn is no longer there. So sad – this is my favorite mural on the site.

How do you spell a wolf whistle? This great mural of the Queen of Blonde Bombshells sure deserves one!

Candace was kind enough to let me “swipe” another one of her excellent photos. This homage to Norma Jean is located on a business called Truckmasters in Phoenix, Arizona and the artist signed it :“Medina ‘02.”

To see Candace’s  other contributions to RoadsideWonders, click the MacCandace tag at the end of this post. Then make sure you visit her blog, Glenrosa Journeys, to see how Candace captures the world — one photo at a time.


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