The Penny Arcade & Jimmy’s Soda Fountain
@The Old Sled Works
722 North Market Street
Duncannon, Pennsylvania



The Sled Fest at the Old Sled Works in Duncannon, Pennsylvania was the perfect opportunity to nab some pics of a great vintage arcade game collection. The OSW arcade features scads of mechanical games ranging from the 1920s the 1970s. What’s even better? These games aren’t hiding behind red velvet ropes … they are fully operational and ready to challenge anyone with spare change!

The arcade section is decorated with great vintage signage and old arcade photos. It’s also home to “Jimmy’s Soda Fountain” — an authentic operating 1950s-style lunch counter (open most weekends).

Jimmy’s was closed during Sled Fest so that Boudoir Louisville could do pin-up shoots. Check out their behind-the-scenes video! That’s model Apple Angel waiting to pose at the end of the counter.

If you saw my Eckels Drug Store post from a few months ago, you recall that it was the location for a scene from the film Girl, Interrupted. Some of the props used in that scene were rented from Jimmy’s.

The arcade boasts more than pinball games. There are also a number of novelty vending machines, crane games, early air hockey tables, skee-ball, shooting games, fortune telling machines … and even this way-awesome midget movie machine (it still works)!

Located in Mechanicsburg, the now-defunct Willow Mill Park suffered frequent flooding and competition with larger more modern parks  — much like the obstacles that Williams Grove faced.

The “Old Gray Mare” of  video games …. PONG!

Probably my favorite commercial artwork in the arcade: the top of this fortune telling machine. What You Should Know?

Undersea Raider … again, very cool graphics on the header (you can see the full game in the gallery pictures at the end of the post)

Of course I had to try the Motorcycle Game.  I raced. I had thrills. I had spills! I’m glad that a high score on this game isn’t a requirement for the “M” Classification on my license … I sucked at it 🙂

I apologize for this absolutely terrible photo of a row of pinball machines! It’s a shame because that Elton John Captain Fantastic machine is one of my favorites.

This machine is technically outside of the Penny Arcade area (it includes a digital display … perhaps violating the 1920s – 1970s theme) … but I love it nonetheless and I kinda’ want one in my living room. It also serves as a reminder that Giant Battle Chickens are Taking Over the Universe, Y’all.

As if this post weren’t long enough …. some additional arcade goodness is in the gallery below. Have a favorite arcade game? Share your memories in the comments!

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