Capitol Building Christmas Tree

Pennsylvania Christmas Tree
Capitol Complex
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
submitted by: “wendyvee”

The tradition of having a Christmas tree on the front steps of the Capitol Building in Harrisburg faded-away at some point in the 1980s, but has been revived for 2012!

This 22-foot Douglas Fir was donated by The Pennsylvania Christmas Tree Growers Association.

Though the tree is dwarfed by the our Capitol Rotunda … and I’m not crazy about the picket fence … it does bring a little holiday cheer to a city that has massive financial problems and can really use something to help cheer things up!

Does your state capital have an “official” Christmas tree? I’d love to post it here on RoadsideWonders! Please take a photo and contact me via Twitter or Facebook (links are on the top right side of this page; or email me: roadsidewonders {AT}


Take a look at a fun time-lapse video (created by John C. Whitehead of The Patriot-News)!

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