Reliving The Past Through Murals

Ed RiversMilltown Mural Collection
Lakeland, Georgia
submitted by UrbanDragon (Scott)


Scott says: This is the town of Lakeland, Georgia.  Up until the late 1920s it was known as Milltown.  In 1998 the people of Lakeland commissioned artist Ralph Waldrop from Columbia, South Carolina to commemorate the town’s history as Milltown by painting a series of murals (over 20) in the downtown area.

The collection includes several large murals as well as life-sized renditions of the people who lived in Milltown in the early part of this century, including E.D. Rivers, who went on to become a two-term governor of Georgia.

wendyvee says: Scott finds the coolest roadside stuff! To see even more mural photos, visit his Milltown Flickr set.

milltown man

milltown ladies

milltown horse


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