Rock Creek Lodge Testicle Festival

Testicle Festival
Rock Creek Lodge
Clinton, Montana
submitted by IronheadBike (Carla)

Carla says:
I stopped in to this place because on the highway it is advertised as a restaurant which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. I wanted breakfast as I had been on the road about an hour. I pulled into the parking lot and there was one other loan bike there. He was headed to California from Sturgis. 

The photos speak for themselves of the outside of this place. I was laughing as soon as I pulled up. I walk into the bar and it has all sorts of uuumm “wood” and other material of penis’s and balls all over the walls. Big un’s little un’s used as coat hangers, hat racks, and magazine articles, various paper clippings and news articles about this huge festival held here each year. The owner and his “old lady” are nice people and offered to fry me up a mess of ’em but I politely declined, thank you very much.

He told me they draw close to twenty thousand people who come and set up camp outside. They have live bands, and various other forms of entertainment. Outside around the perimeter of the parking lot there are covered picnic tables. I have to tell you it looks like it would be a fun time! As I was leaving four other bikes with couples pulled in all heading west from Sturgis.”


Visit Rock Creek’s Testicle Festival  (warning — this site contains some “adult” material, but it’s all in good fun)


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