Sculpture Trio In Adin
Adin, California
submitted by “Butterfly” and “Kamikaze” (Amanda & Steve)

Amanda says:
So far, these 3 guys have been my favorite roadside finds!  Located in just outside of Adin, California in an empty field — these guys are Garik the Brave, Nam Rider, and 9/11. They’re made of scrap metal. 

wendyvee says:
Wow, they are a cool bunch aren’t they?! I love the flag waving “Nam Rider”!

Amanda poses with “The Guys”

3 thoughts on “Sculpture Trio In Adin

    1. Rob
      That’s nearly the exact thing a friend of mine said when these were posted.

      I don’t know the sculptor or why that particular bike was chosen (happenstance or a particular reason??) But I’ve seen worse things done to classic bikes.

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