NZ Sheep & Dog Buildings

Sheep & Dog Buildings
State Highway 1
Tirau, North Island
New Zealand
submitted by: Bob Goddard


Whoa! Bob is back with a great pair of New Zealand “wonders”. How crazy-cool are the sheep and dog buildings in Tirau, New Zealand!?! The dog building is a public restroom/information center (visit the TarauInfo website to read about the inspiration for the building and to also catch a glimpse inside). The sheep building is the Big Sheep Wool Gallery, which offers woolen goods and gifts.

Make sure to visit Bob and his wife Viv (“Middle-aged grandparents with itchy feet and a sense of humour”at their website. Enjoy great videos about their their motorcycle adventures in New Zealand & Eastern Europe. Can’t get enough? Bob has written two books about their trips to satisfy your curiosity 🙂

Believe it or not, this isn’t RoadsideWonders’ first public restroom submission. Check out the O’Brien, Oregon Fly!

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