The Garden Drive-In
Route 11
Hunlock Creek, Pennsylvania
submitted by: “wendyvee” & “Slicks” (John)


wendyvee says:
John and I took the long way home on our way back from the Pittston Tomato Festival, taking our time down Route 11 instead of returning via Interstate 81. It had been a long time since I had travelled the northern section of 11 and it was a happy accident to re-discover this great gem of a Drive-In Movie Theater!

The Garden Drive-In boasts not just ONE outdoor screen, but TWO! This is one of the most attractive and well cared for of the ever-decreasing amount of drive-ins left in Pennsylvania. Had it been a little later in the day, I would have talked Johnny into staying. Unfortunately, it was still early afternoon and the first show was hours away.

If you have a drive-in theater within reasonable distance, think about supporting it at least one more time before it closes for the summer!

* Visit The Garden Drive-In online for showtimes, menu, and flea market info

6 thoughts on “The Garden Drive-In

  1. I liked your Pittston Tomato Festival clip. Well done! We were there and also came home via Route 11. Stopped in Danville for dinner. You must have a great time on the road doing these kinds of documentaries. Thanks!

  2. That looks like a really pretty setting for a drive-in. We actually have one in south Scottsdale that is still operating. It used to be so fun in the old days to go…first as a little kid and then, in a whole different way, as a teenager. It would be an interesting way to spend an evening. I think ours is open year-round. Or maybe it’s even closed in the summer and open the rest of the year.

    1. Looks as if the Scottsdale drive-in is open all year long. Color me jealous!

      It’s hard enough for drive-ins to keep their heads above water … then, add the short season in the northeast and that just makes it worse.

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