The Hyde Park Fork
Hyde Park Bar & Grill
Austin, Texas
submitted by “IronChic” (Sue)

Sue was cool enough to snag a picture of something that has been on my “Most Wanted” list for quite awhile now.  It’s the Hyde Park Fork at the Hyde Park Bar & Grill in Austin, Texas!
Hyde Park is a big supporter of the Arts and they feature artist’s galleries at both of their locations.

Their famous fork sign is sort of a gallery in itself because the item being “forked” changes from time to time. The last photo that I saw (prior to this one) had the fork sporting giant french fries!

If you are in Austin – keep a eye out for the HP Grill and keep us up to date on what the fork is currently forking! (I think I may have made that word up LOL)


2 thoughts on “The Hyde Park Fork

  1. I love this as well! I really don’t think there are things like this in England. Or perhaps there is and i’m just not ‘looking’ for them! I will from now on LOL!

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