Taxidermy Bike
(spotted in Utah)
submitted by JEF (John)

wendyvee says:
Join me in welcoming a new member to the Roadside Wonder-er Family! JEF sent these pics of a crazy-awesome (and decidedly not Vegan) bike that he spotted in Utah! Rumor has it that John might just have some other wonders that he could share with us in the future 🙂

If the owner of this bike happens to see this post – I’d love to hear from you!

JEF says:
fhis is one from a trip West this past September. It was taken at an exit on I-70 in Utah. I had stopped to get a drink, when I pulled in I saw two riders over in the shade under a tree, didn’t pay much attention to their bikes. When leaving, I looked over and noticed the big elk horns sticking out, and had to go investigate.

The rider’s outfit was about as off the wall as the bike, with the big red sash…would have loved to see how that flared out riding down the road. To each their own.

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