Tour Of Honor

Tour Of Honor 2012
“A Ride To Remember”
April 1 – October 31, 2012
submitted by:  Steve Brooks and “wendyvee”


On April 1, 2012, another Tour of Honor begins! 2012 sites will be released April 1 at 0001 hours.

wendyvee says:
The 2012 Tour of Honor provides an excellent opportunity to honor the service of others by visiting monuments & memorials throughout the United States — all while celebrating your personal passion for riding! A portion of paid participant registrations will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.

The 2012 TOH will include sites in the following states/regions: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada,  Oklahoma, Oregon, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Washington, The Mid-Atlantic Region (Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Washington DC) and the New England Region (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont)

I had the great pleasure of suggesting the list of potential memorial sites in Pennsylvania to be chosen for the tour. The official list of all locations will be released on April 1, 2012. Just about any combination of the potential sites will offer diverse and enriching experiences — with plenty of great roads in between!

Read a summary (below) of the event by TOH Coordinator Steve Brooks. Visit the official Tour of Honor site by clicking the TOH logo above; or by clicking the links at the end of this post.

Jack Shoalmire’s bike at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Pensacola, Florida.
Click here to read about Jack’s legacy.

 Steve Brooks says:
The Tour of Honor began in 2011 as one more excuse to get out there and ride — as individuals, or in groups. It is presently geared toward motorcyclists who support military veterans, have an interest in American history, enjoy scavenger hunts, or all three. If there is sufficient interest, a non-motorcycle Tour of Honor will begin in 2013 (2011 had one non-rider, Jim Reynolds, a bugler who drove and rendered TAPs at each site in Illinois).

The premise of the Tour of Honor is to visit select memorial sites. Riders photograph the sites with their bike and a numbered rally flag. There is no set route or timeline, though one can choose to compete for trophies earned for visiting all of a state’s memorials before anyone else. The riding season begins April 1 and ends October 31. Each year will have a different set of sites to visit (except Hawaii which will have the same sites every year on the island of Oahu).

There are seven memorial sites in each state (unless the state is part of a region, like New England, where smaller states have four each). Most memorial sites are military-themed and dedicated to war heroes or entire battalions. Those sites can be in a military museum, a cemetery, a park, even such unique sites as a floating battleship — or a sunken one like the USS Arizona.

Many of the sites are American history related, like Mt. Rushmore or The Mayflower. Others may represent significant events such as The Chicago Fire or New York’s Ground Zero. Still others pay tribute to peace and public safety personnel. All of the memorial sites give a chance for riders to pause and reflect.

Several state sponsors, including Wendyvee from Roadside Wonders are providing their state’s most famous memorials —  not only for the local flavor but also to share some nice motorcycle roads that other riders may not be familiar with. There are plenty of good ones out there!

2012 memorial sites will be listed on the website beginning April 1, 2012, Everyone is welcome to visit them – paying or not – but for a $65 registration fee; riders get a t-shirt, rally flag, finisher’s pin and certificate. $10 of standard registrations will be donated to the WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT. The WWP is a fine organization that provides financial assistance to those severely wounded individuals and their families.

Passengers can sign up for $55, and those “Riding in Spirit” are also welcome. Visit the Tour of Honor website for additional information. The site also includes a forum with excellent stories from participants and their families.
update 2/23/12:  My rally packet arrived today!



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  1. What a very cool cause as well as fun and informative. Can’t wait to see what the sites in AZ might be. Wish you would tour AZ so I could meet you 🙂

  2. Wendy,
    Thanks for your sponsorship of ToH PA. I just finished PA yesterday and enjoyed the rides. It’s a fun event for a good cause that probably wouldn’t work out so well without the state sponsors. Good on ya!

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