Huge Whale Tails
“Reverence” sculpture
Burlington, Vermont
submitted by “Scubapiggy” (Helen)

Helen says:
These large whale tails just seemingly sprout up out of the earth on the side of the highway – I almost blew right past them!  They are just south of Burlington, Vermont.

wendyvee says:
I’ve been to Burlington several times and I still haven’t seen them in person! The piece, entitled Reverence, was erected in 1989. Sculptor Jim Sardonis did a really exquisite job.

Links of interest:
– Learn more about Reverence
– Visit the artist’s site

7 thoughts on “Huge Whale Tails

  1. We saw these while driving; there really doesn’t seem to be a place to stop and get out of your car to see them! I tried taking a photo, but my husband is such a leadfoot, and we were going too fast to get a clear shot!

    1. Traci –
      I think there is and industrial complex beside the highway – from where you can access the whale site.

      I’ve been to Burlington several times and I’ve missed it every visit 🙁

  2. It is easy to get up close to the sculpture, but you need to get off the highway either at Exit 12 or 13 and circle back around to Technology Park. Drive halfway around the horseshoe shaped driveway from either end and park. It’s a short walk across the field to the sculpture. There was supposed to be a sculpture park there
    ( I did another piece near the main building), but so far not much has happened. With this in mind, I installed the whales to be approached on foot, so the view from the highway is really the back side. Let me know if anyone might like a sculpture along these lines.

      1. I noticed you have something on the Floating Bridge in Brookfield. Right next to the bridge is a large granite sculpture of two hippos called “Father and Son.” It’s meant for kids to climb on. I made it in 1981 from a 10 ton block of Bethel white granite. I was teaching at the time and it was the first piece of granite I ever carved. Instead of doing it during one summer as I planned, it ended up taking me three summers to complete.

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