Wheels Through Time Museum

Wheels Through Time Museum
Maggie Valley, North Carolina
submitted by “Jo” & Wendyvee


wendyvee says:
This is an entry from the “Way Back Time Machine”!
Jo and I toured around the Maggie Valley area in October 2007. I originally posted some of our pics on my old (and now defunct) “Wow, That’s Big” website. Last year, a server crashed here at the sprawling RoadsideWonders Complex (ok, ok …. it’s just my basement) and I lost most of my images from the trip. Luckily, Jo was able to provide some of hers so that I didn’t have to find my hard copies and make scans of them (Hooray for Jo!!)

During our trip, we hit the “Wheels Through Time Museum” in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. It’s a fun stop if you are in the area (providing that it happens to be open). The museum has been in flux for a few years – several times threatening to move to another location – and their hours tend to be irregular. The museum’s website is currently down so I’ve dropped the link to it. I will re-post the link when/if it becomes operational again.

A few of the motorcycles in the museum’s vast collection are parked in the gravel parking lot; but it doesn’t end there! WTTM’s several connected buildings contain a vast of array of unusual bikes, gear, photographs, paintings, and tons of vintage memorabilia.

One of the most memorable parts of the collection was the bike with the prosthetic leg attached!  As Jo could attest, I was experiencing the beginning of a horrible case of flu the morning we arrived at the museum. I’m sure I missed a lot of the exhibit pieces because I simply wanted to crawl in a hole and die (particularly since I still had several days and hundreds of miles on the bike before I would see my own bed again).

Darn. I’ll just have to visit again some time 🙂

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