Whoopie Pie Festival

Whoopie Pie Festival 2013
Hershey Farm Restaurant & Inn
Hartman Bridge Road
Ronks, Pennsylvania



The Whoopie Pie Festival generally takes place just after Labor Day. The 2017 Festival is Saturday, September 9th. If you happen to be in the Lancaster County area next weekend check it out. For more details visit their website!

If you’re unfamiliar with Whoopie Pies … let me fill you in. They are a chocolate cake sandwich with super-rich filling. I grew up calling them “Gobs” because my father’s side of the family is from Western Pennsylvania. I’ve alternately heard them called Black Moons and BFOs (Big F**king Oreos; for their resemblance only … they taste nothing like an Oreo).

This is the most common Whoopie Pie combo – Chocolate with Vanilla Filling. The festival has an enormous tent where you can purchase traditional and “exotic” flavors.

I’m not a fan of coconut but this variety must be popular. I was at the festival in its first  hours and they were nearly sold out.

I brought some Banana-Flavored Whoopie Pies home with me. They were great .. but very, very, very sweet.


There were dozens more flavors … but let’s move on to the other parts of the festival … like playing checkers with mini-whoopies.


A Treasure Hunt for the little ones.

The crowd favorite: The Whoopie Hollering Contest. Here’s a little sample.

Hit the button to see the BEST attraction at the Whoopie Pie Festival



Whoopie Pies – The Great Battle Between  Pennsylvania and Maine

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5 thoughts on “Whoopie Pie Festival

  1. I like whoopie pies, but they are soooooooo rich. Sometimes they can can be hard to finish, depending on the size. I’m a “traditionalist,” in that I prefer the chocolate cake with the vanilla cream filling. Peanut-butter creme filling is fine, too, because there is literally no combination of chocolate & peanut butter that is a bad thing. The Shady Maple stand here at Lancaster Central Market always has bundles of whoopie pies — I wonder if they take part in this festival? And, of course, whoopie pies are easy to find amongst the baked-good vendors at the York Fair, which opens soon. OK, now I’m getting hungry….

    1. Same here, Chris. The first bite is great; but eating an entire whoopie pie at once is toooo much.

      I think that Hershey Farms makes all of them; but I’m not positive. I was just looking at the fair dates last night. Not sure if I’m going this year or not.

      1. I do feel like the Fair is going downhill, and everything is way too expensive. But I mostly just like seeing all the animals, doing some people-watching and being around the sights and smells. It’s kind of like Farmboy Fantasy Camp. … I do feel super-bad for the caged capybara, though.

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