“Wings Over Piper”
August 4, 2012
William T. Piper Airport
Lock Haven, Pennsylvania


I saddled-up to make my way to Lock Haven yesterday to see Wings Over PiperWIP is an annual opportunity for radio controlled airplanes to take wing at the the birthplace of the Piper Cub.

Unfortunately, I was slowed down by having to dodge thunderstorms on my way there. By the time I arrived, everyone was stowing their planes because another storm was on its way.

So, for me, it turned into Wings Packing Up At Piper; but I did have a few minutes to snag some pictures. Maybe, I’ll try again to see them in the air next year.

The first one pictured is my favorite. Which one is yours?


6 thoughts on “Wings Over Piper 2012

    1. Funny that you should say that. During one of my pitstops to hide from the rain, I bought a few albums in a thrift store and one of them was PM & Wings 🙂

  1. Have you ever seen downtown Lock Haven (and the surrounding area) on non-thunderbumpery autumn day (or any time of year, really)? …. It’s one of my favorite PA small towns, and it’s so convenient to some wonderful other locations. Also, they have one of PA’s must-visit hot-dog joints.

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